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Lightweight Gifts

Our selection of lightweight gifts are perfect for sending overseas, or within Australia, to friends and family for birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations. They are also just the thing to pack in your suitcase for a trip overseas when you want the ultimate Australian gifts to share. 

We understand that you want light items that won't cost a fortune to post, won't take up a lot of room in your suitcase, will not get damaged and above all will be lovely authentic gifts from Australia. Popular lightweight gifts from our range include jewellery, scarves, hankies, socks, stationery, tea towels, skincare and more.

With fast order turnarounds and express delivery options, we can get things on their way to you quickly. And why not use our gift wrapping service or send a card with a handwritten message?

Aussie Animal Stickers from $2.75 AUD
Keelah Koala from $29.95 AUD $57.95 AUD
Saltbush Dukkah $12.50 AUD
Australian Flowers Sticker Sheet from $2.00 AUD $2.75 AUD
Koala Keyring $9.95 AUD
Kakadu Plum Jam $13.00 AUD